Chiltern Chase

We can donate more to charity because of our amazing sponsors!

Every year we are eternally grateful to our sponsors for donating money to help cover the administrative costs and enable us to maximise the money we can donate to our charities.

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Our Sponsors

Fawley Farms

Fawley Farms is one of the largest producers of outdoor bred pigs in the UK. Fawley Farms is a well-established pig breeding company operating ten breeding herds on sites in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.


Rowse started in 1938 when a chap called Tony Rowse started beekeeping at his home in Ewelme, Oxfordshire. He enjoyed it so much he decided to try and make a living from his hobby.


Hazell & Jefferies Ltd is a privately owned Company incorporated in 1971 near Oxford/Berkshire border. We are a family business which prides itself on quality service and quality work.


Grundon is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated waste management and environmental solutions. Situated near to Ewelme Grundon has been a loyal sponsor to the Chiltern Chase.